Our Services :

 Guarding Security Services :

We have ample ex-service Junior Commissioned Officers as our field staff for efficient safety and security. They visit the sites at odd hours to see the alertness of our security staff. We are well connected by communication systems and keep in touch with our manpower for any emergency. We have on job training and refreshers for the training of our manpower, by highly trained faculty.

 Personal security Guard :

We are among the best when you require a Security Service Provider and our security guards are well trained and recruited among the best. There are stringent tests that each aspirant undergoes before getting selected by us to be a security guard. There is a background check done on each of our guards, and we assure our clients of the best in security services when they come to us. Many of the guards in our employ are highly experienced and have worked in various parts of the industry and bring their expertise in managing even large industrial areas with them.

 Housekeeping Management :

Factors are discussed in detail with the management. Any suggestions / changes are incorporated and a total safety and security plan is drawn up. Policy of management regarding staff, visitors and material handling.

 Facility Management :

We under all type jobs related to facility Management, such as all type of Housekeeping , Mechanical, Electrical, pulmbing and gerading inculuding landscaping services as packege under one roof. Our trained staff provide above service with utmost saticsfaction and involving eco-friendly practices. Our Housekipeeng service are particulary concentreated on Totel Quality Manegment (TQM). We have a highliy specialized and experienced team.

Our staff will work in close Co-ordination with our clients to deliver service in exact accordance to international standard and up to their specification . Also we assure that our service will be envionment friendly and we maintain close relationship with our celints lead to a mutual benefit and business prosperity.

 Civil Security :

Organizational and structural security expertise for all indrustrial works big and smalll.

 Event Security :

With our trained team of personnel, we have successfully ensured security at various event such as Sport events, Cultural events, Religious events etc.We specialize in providing customized Security Solutions at events at economical costs. TISA Securities with its dedicated setup of operations and administration personnel provide infrastructure to support event services like Corporate events, High Profile Weddings, Concerts etc.

 Corporate Security :

Corporate security is an important issue for every company, no matter how large or small. However, the nature and focus of corporate security have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. Most current businesses use digital technologies, computers,ireless devices and other recent innovations to run more efficiently. Unfortunately, these also pose a threat to system integrity with security breaches being reported regularly. The focus of corporate security is changing to include these new ways of doing business, and so has the budgets of security departments and agencies.

 Fire Security :

TISA Security Services is a national subsidiary of one of India's leading safety providers. TISA specialises in the supply, installation and service of quality fire alarm and sprinkler systems, suppression systems, access control systems and CCTV Systems. TISA Security Services company structure is committed to and encompasses applicable aspects of safety, environmental and quality system management.

 Lady Searcher :

With the growth in the rate of crime, women security guards are required everywhere, whether it is a mall, hospital, hotel, restaurant, airport or any corporate offices, you will witness women security guards positioned there along with men security guards. All these places are vulnerable to theft and robbery. Thus the presence of security guards becomes necessary at such places. Most of the time women become the target robbers and anti-social elements because they are considered to be as weaker sections of the society, on the contrary there are many ladies who are also involved in various criminal activities. In order to protect the ladies of the society and stop the anti-social female elements of the society, the presence of lady security guard becomes a necessity.